This page tells about some of the things classes are doing to get ready for the elections. Please send your news to the Media Center and we'll add it to this page.

6th Grade Classes: We are working on packets about the election process and making pages to add to this website. Check out our vocabulary page.

Mrs. Schell's Class: We've been discussing what makes a person eligible to be president. Check out the poster outside of our hallway.

Mrs. Borraggine's Class: We are making "Get Out and Vote" posters in our class.
Mrs. Hannan's Class: We are reading Duck for President by Doreen Cronin.

5th Grade Classes: We are working on plans for running the actual elections including monitoring the booths and checking in students on our election days.
Mrs. Stellakis's and Mrs. Wayne's Classes: We have read John McCain: An American Life and Barack Obama: An American Story. These biographies taught us new facts about each of the candidates. We have also made posters encouraging everyone to vote. These can be seen in the hallways around the school. We are now busy writing letters to our future President.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classes: We are decorating the voting booths in Art Class this week.
Mr. Lang's Class: We took polls throughout the school and graphed our results. They can be seen in the hallway outside of the computer lab.

Mrs. D'Agostino's Class: We've been writing words about the election on stripes and stars. We have also made chains and wind socks to decorate our hallway for election day.

Ms. Devine's Class: We made chains with sentences about the elections on them. You can see our chains in the hallway.
5th Grade Classes: Under the direction of Mr. Robbins and Mrs. Stellakis, we ran the voting booths over the two days. We checked everyone's registration cards and marked them with star stickers. We directed students to the voting booths and helped them to locate the site. We even helped the younger students to find the candidate they wanted. We gave each student an "I voted" sticker. The votes were counted by an online site and we reported our school's votes on the announcements the next day.