elephant.png This page contains links to other cool election sites.donkey.png

Scholastic News Website
: This site has information about the candidates, games, quizzes, posters, and more.

Time For Kids Election 2008 : This is another site loaded with news, games, and information about the election.

Weekly Reader Election Center : This site also has games, activities, and facts about the 2008 election.

The Democracy Project by PBS Kids : This interactive site allows kids to apply to be president, learn about past presidents, and step inside a voting booth.

PBS Kids Election Site : This site explains elections in words kids can understand. It also lists some important issues that presidential candidates have to think about.

White House Kids : This site takes kids to The White House where they can learn about current events, past presidents, presidential pets, and more.

Wayback Presidents by PBS Kids : This fun site gives kids a chance to learn a few secrets about past presidents.

Brain Pop Video on Elections
: This video explains how elections work in the United States.

Congress for Kids : This site explains the branches of government and the process of elections from start to finish.

National Parent Student Mock Election Site: This link has curriculum guides, links, and information for teachers.

edhelper.com: This :is a site where teachers can copy coloring pages, worksheets, and find election activities. Some resources require a sign-in.